Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day is a time, when the groundhog tells us if spring is coming early, or 6 more weeks of winter, but also, everyone can watch that hilarious Bill Murray movie, “Groundhog Day”! It’s a hilarious movie, about a guy played by Bill Murray, who winds up in the same groundhog day, over and over, until he gets it right. It’s like time and again, but somehow deja vu maybe. He just keeps going, and going in the same day, until time goes by now in the end. Groundhog Day is a time when the groundhog’s gonna tell us about spring is gonna come early, or not, but also the time to watch that Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”. This movie was screenplayed, produced, and directed by Harold Ramis. He directed “National Lampoons Vacation” and “Caddyshack” with Chevy Chase.

But when time and again happens, the same day over, and over, it did remind me of an anime tv show once, that happened on time and again, on Teletoon before it got cancelled and now, its episodes of this show is everywhere on the internet. “Cardcaptors” was its title, and episode was called “Time and Again”, like Groundhog Day. To the girls of anime, they were more beautiful than I think. Especially that Sakura Avalon. Main character. And on Teletoon once in 2003, when “Star Wars: Clone Wars” had happened, the “Cardcaptors: The Movie” was the best one I ever saw. And I did found out a second one on the internet. I maybe a huge anime/manga fan, about the tv shows I once watched, but I’m not that stupid. Still love Japanese animation.


time and again

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