Titanic 1997-2012 film Today! Day 4#

After those 2 lovers had a great time, Jack and Rose, they were both very happy. Until later that evening, Rose gave Jack 10 cents for a drawing she wants. She wanted one, wearing the Heart of the Ocean necklace, on a sofa naked! And so they did. It was the most romantic drawing no one has ever seen. So later, after that, when she was fully dressed, she kept it in her safe for safekeepin, and her necklace. And so, when those 2 were fully in love together, they ran around the ship happily, as they passed the 3rd class hallway, the boiler room, the cargo room where they had sex naked in a car, and went back up on deck. 1st Officer William Murdoch and 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller liked those 2 lovers when they saw them. It was cold at night. The Titanic was off the coast of Newfoundland, getting close to New York City, and was getting radio messages and warnings from other ships of icebergs very close. They can be very dangerous to other ships like the Titanic. But when those 2 sailors in the crows nest of the Titanic, freezing, saw Jack and Rose having a wonderful time, they thought it was romantic scene they have ever saw. Until they saw something straight ahead, very close to the Titanic, all the way from the Artic Ocean that was in there way. and that was… an iceberg!

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