Titanic 1997-2012 film Today! Day #3

As what I have watched so far, is that the boyfriend in Rose’s family who wanted to marry her, hated Jack! So he told Rose to stay away from him, and never go back to him. So this made them very sad for a while. But the Molly Brown person told her what she can do to change. So later that evening, she went up to him at the bow, and frogive Jack for what they have done. Until Jack gave her a surprise, and that was she was holding on to him, at the bow while flying! this made them very cheerful as they kissed when it was over. In today, the people and scientests where still listening to the story from the 80 year old Rose. {including the scientest played by Bill Paxton}


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  1. sheilaslp

     /  April 11, 2012

    Owen, I think this is a great way to remember the Titanic and all the people who were on that voyage. I really liked this post.


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