Titanic 1997-2012 film- Today! Day 1

I started the Titanic film, to celebrate its 100th anniversary. what I have seen so far, is the old film reel of the real Titanic’s departure, the discovery of the sunken ship with Bill Paxton as a scientist, the old drawing they found, the old woman who spoke to the scientist on the phone who was in that photograph and was one of the survivors, her arrival on a helicopter to the science ship, where the location of the sunken ship is, the old stuff they found on the sunken ship that was hers, her story, the Titanic 1912 Southampton, England departure, Leonardo DiCaprio as a 3rd Class Passenger with a Swedish friend, the departure of the unsinkable ship, the 1st sight of the unsinkable Molly Brown person, the Titanic sight off the coast of Ireland, the Capt. of the ship and crew, the Titanic going faster, the dolphins swimming by the Titanic, the 3rd class passenger crying: “I am king of the world!”. {which was Leonardo DiCaprio himself} and how he and his friend found their rooms in the 3rd class section.

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  1. sheilaslp

     /  April 10, 2012

    Owen, this sounds like a really great way to remember the people who lost their lives on the Titanic. I think I will watch the movie day by day too.



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