On a Mythbusters episode of the movie “Speed”, they had the exact bus like in the movie. And for their model bus that had failed, they should use a ramp for their model test run for the jump. Not like on the movie… on their episode, when the model bus was coming, it just headed straight onto the floor!

Speed with Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Dennis Hopper, and Alan Ruck was a action disaster movie as it showed a mad bomber on the loose. He rigged a bus that that a bomb on it. If it hits 50 mph, it would explode. So that was why they kept on going and going until they saved the passengers and got out just in time.

The mad bomber died by losing it’s head, while on a subway. Speed is what matters, as long as you have to stop or keep going. A “B” average. This is my first time on WordPress anyway!

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