Top 8 points on what I like on Isao Takahata

An anime director, Hayao Miyazaki’s very best friend, and the co-founder of Studio Ghibli. For he was one of my favourites like Hayao Miyazaki.

Isao Takahata. I really love this anime director, as a big fan of Studio Ghibli. And his masterpieces, from “Panda! Go Panda” to “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, they were remarkable. In this list, these are the top 8 points on what I like on Isao Takahata.

Warning: I was gonna do a ‘top 10’ list, but due to less info that I found out, in which are true or false, it lead me no choice but to create a ‘top 8’ list.

8. A Remarkable Artist. From his early days at the University of Tokyo to his massive career in Japanese animation, most of his work were hand drawn in any direction. For only two of them were like in a Japanese painting for how ‘Kaguya’ and ‘My Neighbors The Yamadas’ were. The rest that he did, before and after he got himself into Studio Ghibli, were beautiful. Especially when he had the help of Hayao Miyazaki, his kind friend.

7. Story Approach. Nearly for how Stanley Kubrick was, some of his work were nearly based on famous novels. For he did “Anne of the Green Gables”, “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”, “Grave of the Fireflies”, and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”. He had to read about them first, before making them into anime masterpieces. “Pom Poko” however, was only based on Japanese folklore. Not based on a novel. I didn’t mind that, but Isao Takahata was really clever.

6. Meeting With Miyazaki. Isao Takahata met Hayao Miyazaki for the first time, when they were both animator employees at Toei Animation in the late 1960’s. Until they left together in 1971. Yōichi Kotabe too as he helped them out, several years before working on those Pokémon movies. By working on Japanese animated movies, and TV shows as their early work, they would have a number of storyboards in their offices. Painted ones too before getting to work.

5. The Birth of Studio Ghibli. After they worked on “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” together in 1984, Isao Takahata with Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki, have co-founded Studio Ghibli in June of 1985. Most of their work that they did, year by year, have impressed the fans, especially when their masterpieces have came to North America. American film critic Roger Ebert however, was very impressed on one of his masterpieces. He wrote amazing reviews on him.

4. His Interesting Themes. Isao Takahata has always looked on the bright side of life mostly, and how he does his work remarkably. Set the countryside and cities in the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s, several years in the future, and how Ancient Japan was long ago. He only was on the dark side of life a bit, when he only did “Grave of the Fireflies” that took place in the final days of the Second World War against Japan. Dark, sad, and heartbreaking, his masterpiece no wonder became critically acclaimed like how “Princess Mononoke” did.

3. Keeping It Old School. Isao Takahata had never ever used a computer to create CGI animation in Japan. He prefers to do his animated work by hand, back for what he did in the glory old days. Cause he thinks that they are lousy at some point. He did had a few computers to help finish his work, back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. But he preferred to do his work by keeping it old school. And I guarantee to be old school like him. Especially if I need to do my drawing characters by hand.

2. The English Cast Members. From GKIDS that has been helping him on his Studio Ghibli movies, the English cast members have talked about him. On how remarkable he was, and how they loved the roles that they did. Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel that portrayed Taeko and Toshio in “Only Yesterday”, J.K. Simmons and Clancy Brown as two of the talking raccoons in “Pom Poko”, and James Caan with Mary Steenburgen who were the bamboo cutter and his wife in “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”. Whoever knew that they had such talent, rather than the shitty and dark side of movies and TV shows?

1. Oscar Awards. Isao Takahata was very proud of Hayao Miyazaki, that his masterpiece “Spirited Away”, had won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. By the time that he was retiring in the early 2010’s, his farewell and final masterpiece, “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, became his only Japanese animated film to make it into the Oscar awards. Thanks to Studio Ghibli and GKIDS. Never got into the Golden Globe Awards. His very final masterpiece had tried to win that Oscar award, for Best Animated Feature Film. Unfortunately was left out Oscar nominated, if it weren’t for the voters of the Academy. And I do feel very sorry for him really. Especially on what happened on the day that he died. Every anime fan mourned him.

Do you agree with my list? Cause for a favourite film director, I will not let one to go down in history, left out Oscar nominated since him and Stanley Kubrick.


Top 10 points on what I like on Stanley Kubrick

Years before Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and Hiromasa Yonebayashi were my three favourite anime directors, I had admired this very famous film director since I saw his movies, went to an exhibition in Toronto, and how his work definitely made film history. (Except for ‘Lolita’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ in which they were the lousiest movies ever).

Stanley Kubrick. The director of “Fear and Desire”, “Killer’s Kiss”, “The Killing”, “Paths of Glory”, “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb”, “Spartacus”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Barry Lyndon”, “The Shining” and “Full Metal Jacket”.

Film directors such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and James Cameron were fond of him, as Spielberg was his kindest friend when Stanley Kubrick was alive. In this list, these are the top 10 points on what I like on Stanley Kubrick.

10. An Actual Genius. They say Stanley Kubrick didn’t do well in school. Both in middle school and in high school. But as he got himself into photography and filmmaking, right after college without any trouble bothering him, especially by his mom and dad, Kubrick was brilliant enough to look at how something can be outstanding, and what people will admire on.

9. Novel Approach. Most of his film work were based on novels that he read first. And then by making a film adaption second, he takes then to the big screen. His first few, “Fear and Desire”, and “Killer’s Kiss”, were not based on novels. From Arthur C. Clarke to Stephen King, they had impressed the fans and critics, all over. “Lolita” and “Eyes Wide Shut” were the lousiest, that you do not want to watch.

8. His Iconic Look. By having that famous beard and black hair, he had it unique for him, during the making of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. He decided to have it longer, while working on “The Shining” and “Full Metal Jacket”. In fact, like her daughter Vivian, Stanley Kubrick was a cat lover. He in fact had 16 felines, roaming around his house. And after coming home from doing long shoots, he would let them lay around in his editing room, to make up until the timing was gone.

7. Keeping It Old School. By making his movies, he had usually did it, by doing the old school way. Such as stereo sounds, and how he had used them in “A Clockwork Orange”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, and “Spartacus”. Also, as far as writing went for him, rather than typing on an old fashioned typewriter, he usually likes to write with a pen or a pencil with paper.

6. Vivian and Christiane In Short Appearances. After he had hired only Christiane Harlan for “Paths of Glory”, they began a relationship in 1957 during the production, and were married later in 1958. They had three daughters, born in the early 1960’s. Vivian, like her mother, was the lucky one to make a few appearances in her father’s movies that no one knew. In “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Barry Lyndon”, “The Shining”, and “Full Metal Jacket”.

5. The Stars That Worked With Kubrick. Some of these stars not only got special treatment with Kubrick, but some did had trouble with him. Such as Kirk Douglas by thinking that he can be a bastard sometimes, as how Shelley Duvall was losing her hair, piece by piece. But as for Matthew Modine, Sterling Hayden, Peter Sellers, Malcolm McDowell, Ryan O’Neal and more, they enjoyed working with him. And love to talk about him years later as old men.

4. His Favourite Themes. By working on his movies, that made film history, he had always looked on the dark side of human nature. Especially in those wars that are set in. Such as the First World War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, a revolution against the Roman Empire, and a dystopian future. The actual future of 2001, 17th century U.K, and Colorado, USA in 1980? He wouldn’t really mind. Just as long as he was doing the right thing.

3. Christiane’s Paintings & Modine’s Diary. Since the Kubrick family had moved to a nice house in the English countryside, his wife loved it up there cause of the peace and quiet that she needed. And as a painter, she did some remarkable paintings. Some of her paintings were seen in her husbands movies that made film history. Until after her husband died of a heart attack, she continued to paint as an artist. Matthew Modine however, wrote a diary about how he worked with Stanley Kubrick, and how he really appreciated on working with him. This made his wife very pleased after it was published in bookstores.

2. Camera Techniques and Film Locations. Stanley Kubrick was really great with the camera work, on whatever which one to use. A super 8 film camera, an old fashioned film camera, a photography camera, or a big one while he was in film production. By having the lens, right angle, picture format, and no brightness, no interruptions and no shakiness, he always gets the right thing. That way, they wouldn’t start all over. And he wasn’t very much on travelling. Most of his work were filmed in the UK, Ireland, deep into Europe, and bits of the USA including Colorado while working on “The Shining”.

1. Oscar Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Out of his movies that made film history, most of them were left out nominated which wasn’t fair. But the lucky ones were “Spartacus”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, and “Barry Lyndon” that deserved Oscar awards. Out of the people he worked with, they thanked him for having them hired, as deserved one for Best Sound Effects. Although he would’ve deserved a few more for Best Director, Best Picture, and etc, but his film director friend Steven Spielberg, did find him very unique, and a brilliant film director of all time. He was glad to be his friend before Stanley Kubrick he died of a heart attack on March 7th, 1999.

Do you agree with my list? What are your top points on your favourite film director?

100 WW1 Firearms in 100 seconds

By looking at this video, these are the firearms that they’ve used in the First World War. 100 years ago.

From revolvers to handguns, and rifles to machine guns, they’ve used them for sure. And how years later, they were used in those movies that took place in WWI. Such as “Paths of Glory”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Hell’s Angels”, and so on and so forth. (Except for some that I do not admire on).

Thanks to a girl on YouTube who has been testing these firearms, I do thank her for this video. And I pray to god that they’ll be an amazing WWI movie, and be an Oscar winner like how “Lawrence of Arabia” did. On one superstition. That it won’t be too much dumb and harsh like how movies and TV shows are today. It has to be as excellent as how ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ did. And be an Oscar winner too mostly.

Masahiko Tsugawa (1940-2018)

This Japanese actor was not only in “Giant Monsters All-Out Attack” with Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, and was in “Ultraman Ginga”, but was the Japanese voice of…

….Sōshi, the very wise rabbit from the anime movie, “The Boy and the Beast”, directed by Mamoru Hosoda.

Masahiko Tsugawa was born on January 2nd, 1940 in Kyoto, Japan, as he never saw the final days of the Second World War in Japan. He was very too young at that time.

By the mid 50’s when he was almost 20 years old, he and his family got into the film industry for a while, until he became a popular actor in one of those Godzilla movies.

From that kaiju movie and some TV episodes on “Ultraman Ginga”, only aired and filmed in Japan, he was mostly in live action movies, TV shows, and maybe a few more Japanese monster movies. Most of these that I’ve mentioned were only filmed, and took place in Japan.

He only directed one 2009 movie as his first directional debut. That took place at the Asahiyama Zoo, until Mamoru Hosoda showed up.

His character as Sōshi in “The Boy and the Beast”, was truly remarkable. He was the lord of the Beast Kingdom, as he can be anywhere. Especially if he’s watching you, behind you back. For this was the only anime movie, that he was in.

He was impressed however that in 2016, “The Boy and the Beast” won the Japan Academy Prize for the Animation of the Year, as he thanked Mamoru Hosoda for hiring him.

By the time “The Boy and the Beast” came to North America, Steve Powell, an English voice actor portrayed his character in the English version. It was going for the nominations at the Oscar awards, but unfortunately, it never made it in, no thanks to the moviegoers and critics in LA, and how North America wouldn’t care on movies and TV shows.

Masahiko Tsugawa lived for two more years until on August 4th, 2018. He died of a heart failure at the age of 78.

He was terrifically remarkable as that wise rabbit, as his first anime movie. And I love that outfit on how he wears it, in the Beast Kingdom. He may have faced kaiju’s in Japanese monster movies and TV shows, but was terrifically remarkable in that anime movie.

Geostorm (2017)

Since “The Perfect Storm” and “The Day After Tomorrow” showed on global warming, subzero freezing temperatures, and hurricanes combining together as one, a geostorm can be way worse than those.

In the future, all over above the Earth in the atmosphere, connected with the International Space Station, they created a system. A system with climate controlling satellites as they would stop anything for what can occur. A typhoon, a muggy heat wave, and more.

But as a group of international people went mad including Ed Harris, they created a virus. A virus in the computer system so bad, that it’ll cause most of the computers and machines such as A.I. to malfunction such on the space station, and make epic proportions on Earth that no one had ever faced. To create a geostorm.

Gerald Butler, Ed Harris, Andy García, Jim Sturgess, and Abbie Cornish are the only stars that I know in this movie, as one of them almost died in space. Which is why I give this 7 and a 1/2 out of 10 stars.

And in the trailer, “What a Wonderful World” that song by Sharon Van Etten and the Juggernaut Kid, way better than Louis Armstrong’s crappy song.

Ready Player One (2018)

From Steven Spielberg, that famous film director, he did this that blew our minds. Based on the novel by Ernest Cline, our favorite movies, culture from the periods of time, video games, and the avatars that we can choose, was all in this science fiction adventure film.

And it’s not just that, Spielberg had also gave out clues and every detail, from those directors that he ran into. Such as those spacecrafts, weaponry, creatures, monsters, aliens, and everything from the Japanese artists that did “Mobile Suit Gundam”, “Akita”, “Godzilla”, “Halo”, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and more. Oh, and he did mentioned Robert Zemekis also.

This whole adventure was in 2045 AD. Nearly four years for how “Blade Runner 2049” took place. Every city on Earth had became almost wastelands. In order to win money on going big, or going home, they play video games.

So you know in “Back to the Future”, in the actual future of 2015, they use these virtual gear and glasses? They were using that, so they can play in the game, and become on whatever avatar you choose. (Note: The good part throughout the whole movie, was that they’ve never mentioned that goddamn film company I hate on the most. And that is for Steven Spielberg to know).

Tye Sheridan, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, and Olivia Cooke are the only stars that I know in this movie, that were really great.

While every human on Earth were playing that game, the object of the game was to find these three invisible keys like these here for example.

It was nearly the same idea for how she won them, in order to become a Kalos Queen to be the number 1# winner.

During the process on finding those keys, they ran into trouble on how a boss, didn’t really care, and how he wanted to annihilate those guys before getting himself on all three keys.

But before getting arrested, only one player made it through, and won the Easter Egg.

That’s right kids! He won! And I’m proud for what Tye Sheridan did. Although he does need to take care of his eyes more often. But was glad that he didn’t got hurt. So I’m giving this 8/10 stars.

Although those video game avatars were amazing, but people do need to be careful on what they wish for. On not playing those kind of video games too much. Especially if they need to take care of their eyes more often. Let’s say for example that if guy who plucks out all of his eyelash hair, he will get an eye infection. Or worse. Lose an eyeball, and wear an eyepatch for the rest of his life. That way, he won’t end up like that reverend who becomes a werewolf every night in “Silver Bullet”, and gets two things to have his eyeballs shot out.

In conclusion, some people do need attention from other people, rather than being glued to a video game like that, so they wouldn’t burn their eyes out. And if it’s digital worlds on video games, with amazing digital creatures and where to look for them, that I admire on as an anime fan, there is both “Pokémon” and “Digimon”!!

See what I mean Tye Sheridan? Who agrees that anime is the best such as Digimon and Pokémon?

Emmett: Oh man….

LBJ (Woody Harrelson as U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson)

Woody Harrelson was really grand as Vice President/U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson. All thanks to Rob Reiner who did “Stand By Me” and “The Princess Bride”.

Based on a true story, Lyndon B. Johnson as Vice President, really wanted to be the next President of the United States of America. He was against the Kennedys after JFK was elected, until they together solved problems. Such as the trouble with African Americans, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the start of the Vietnam War soon. He was then later, to becoming the closet friend to John F. Kennedy that Johnson had ever had.

Until on November 22nd, 1963, during a tour in Dallas Texas, passing a plaza with USA citizens, 250ft from the book depository, former U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK with an old Italian bolt action rifle and scored in only six seconds. Got himself two hits including that bloody headshot on JFK. Very tragic day to remember.

Right after he was assassinated, Lyndon Johnson became the 36th President of the USA in a few hours.

Along with Woody Harrelson, are C. Thomas Howell as Walter Jenkins, Bill Pullman as Sen. Ralph Yarbrough, Michael-Stahl David as Robert F. Kennedy, Richard Jenkins as Sen. Richard Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lady Bird Johnson, and Jeffery Donovan as JFK.

In fact, here are some interesting facts on what I like in this movie.

1) Jeffery Donovan who played JFK, formally portrayed Robert F. Kennedy in “J. Edgar” while Leonardo DiCaprio was J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI. Thanks to actor/director Clint Eastwood. Jeffery Donovan portrayed as the two Kennedy brothers in two different movies.

2) Jennifer Jason Leigh was way much better as Lady Bird Lyndon, rather than being that criminal woman in Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”. Besides, you should’ve seen on how hideous she looked. It was no wonder she was left out Oscar nominated which is good. Besides, that movie is too gruesome for western fans to watch.

3) In one scene, when Lyndon Johnson was in front of those new U.S. bomber planes, it was no wonder filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was inspired by them. That was when he did the hotline suspense comedy movie, “Dr. Strangelove” with Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Slim Pickins, James Earl Jones, Peter Bull and Sterling Hayden.

And last but not least…

4) Lyndon Johnson that did his famous speech, was way much better than any speech in the history of the world. It beats Gary Oldman’s character as Prime Minister Winston Churchill in “The Darkest Hour”. By looking at Gary Oldman’s character, way too old and chubby. At Benjamin Walker’s character as Abraham Lincoln in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, remarkable and unique. His character as Lyndon Johnson, splendid.

From JFK’s assassination to Lyndon B. Johnson as the 36th President of the USA, he lead a new path for America. For both he and Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General together, have dealt with the crisis of the Vietnam War. Right at the moment that the movie ended.

Which is why I give this 10/10 stars and a straight ‘A’.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

A new instalment to the Jurassic Park franchise, and a sequel to Jurassic World, you do not want to get yourself too much involved on those dinosaurs since “One Million Years B.C.”. Since the naked dawn of man, to how they fought against the dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals in the ice age, there have been historic destructions. For example, the island of Atlantis. From its early weaponry, slavery, and culture to their doomsday, everything that they did were driven to the bottom of the sea. And was never found again. Another example was Pompeii, close to Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. As you might’ve known that in your history books, the Italians during the time of the Roman Empire, have had a blast as Vesuvius likes it hot. What about Jurassic Park and Jurassic World? They did found dinosaur DNA from those prehistoric mosquitoes. However from a shutdown incident, and an abomination to letting the cloned dinosaurs to run loose, Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, two islands, 300 miles off the cost of Costa Rica, have been a sanctuary to those dinosaurs until today. No one in that movie had spoken of what happened to Isla Sorna. For how “The Lost World: Jurassic World” and “Jurassic Park III” took place. Isla Nublar however, for where “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” took place, was brought to destruction since Atlantis and Pompeii. Seismologists, had found this out near Costa Rica. A volcano was finally born on the Isla Nublar. With that volcano eruption, it’ll bring some of the dinosaurs to the bottom of the sea, and wipe out the ones on land mostly off the face of the Earth. Some people mostly want the dinosaurs to die, while dinosaur lovers like protestors were nuts about saving them. They weren’t suppose to be doing this. Otherwise, those dinosaurs will cause mayhem and destruction since Peter Jackson’s awkward version of “King Kong”. So they kidnapped the very last Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Parasaurolophus, Mosasaurus, and eight more dinosaur species on Isla Nublar’s doomsday. They were being like those guys in “Casualties of War”, until that island had became a volcanic wasteland with the park gone forever. Never again, we would see Isla Nublar and those two parks that they did. By the time the dinosaurs were brought to an estate in California, USA by cargo ship and its kidnappers, their worse idea that the humans did, was by auctioning the dinosaurs to investors from the countries of Earth. Using them for their bio-weapons divisions. Until they showed their horrifying organism. Another abomination that was clever, hideous, and gruesome that no one would ever buy in an auction. They in fact, got themselves eaten alive when their hideous organism escaped and teared the flesh from their bones. Some of the bad guys portrayed by celebrities in fact, that I do not like, like James Cromwell did get themselves eaten alive and were as dead as those two guys portrayed by Arliss Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio. You probably know for what those two did in that Vietnam War movie with R. Lee Ermy, Matthew Modine, Dorian Harewood, and Adam Baldwin. Thanks to Stanley Kubrick and Gustav Havord. Luckily for Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith, they stopped the whole operation. But became shocked when an orphaned granddaughter had let them loose since “King Kong” from that 2008 movie. So for a success, I give this 7/10 stars. Really good. However, with the dinosaurs that are running loose, since that anime TV show “Dinosaur King”, they’ll probably tear up Elliott Moose and his friends to pieces. And the next time a celebrity becomes a bad guy, who wants to be eaten alive like Matthew Modine from that stupid TV show “Stranger Things”, it’ll better be a Hollywood celebrity that I do not like on. As for me against Modine, the Duffer Brothers with those lousy kids, and I quote Vietnam War veteran and actor Dale Dye…. “I’D BE LOOKING FOR A LITTLE PAYBACK!!!!” 😡😡😡😡

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

Rather than for what James Cagney did in those gangster movies, he was really good as that ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’. Thanks to Warner Brothers, that made cinema history on this Oscar winning movie, as their earliest work.

This was nominated for 8 Academy Awards including Best Picture. However, this won only three Oscar awards. For Best Actor on James Cagney, Best Sound, and Best Music.

George M. Cohan, born on the third of July in 1878, than the fourth of July, told his whole life story in front of U.S. President Theodore D. Roosevelt during the early days of the Second World War. And how he became a true American entertainer, playwright, stage actor, singer, dancer, and composer.

He also received a Congressional Gold Medal from U.S. President Roosevelt after he told his whole story in front of him. (Especially if he nearly looks like Robin Williams as the real President Roosevelt from those ‘Night At The Museum’ movies).

But that’s not all folks. During his time in 1915 until 1917, by the time the Lusitania was shot by a German U-boat during the First World War, and how U.S. finally declared war on Germany, he was there to perform and entertain the troops. Along with the YMCA, as they did it all together, in just one evening.

After the First World War ended, to the early days of the Second World War, he was a real American performer and a ‘yankee doodle dandy’. In fact, just when the movie ended, some American soldiers who were going off in the Second World War, were singing his famous song that he sang in the First World War. ‘Over There’ by George M. Cohan.

So by thanking the real George M. Cohan and James Cagney, for this movie from Warner Bros, I give this 10/10 stars. A straight ‘A’. Really great movie to watch and celebrate Independence Day.

Your Name (2016)

This was as popular as how “Princess Mononoke” was, thanks to Makoto Shinkai. The anime director who did “5 Centimetres Per Second”, “The Garden of Words”, and “Children Who Chase Lost Voices”. It tried to make it into the Oscar awards, but if it weren’t for the people in Los Angeles on movies in Hollywood, none of this would’ve never happened.

In this anime masterpiece, it’s all about magic and time. A high school male student in the city, and a high school female student who lives in the country, were under a magic spell by swapping their souls in different bodies. But as a dazzling comet was coming to Earth, all this was affecting the events in time. So they had to make sure disaster won’t strike, and the future won’t be foretold.

All this broke the spell, as they remained in their original places, with a bright future that they’ll have on. Especially for how much they are in love together, with the right names that they are given.

10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ is what I give to this remarkable anime masterpiece.